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The Weapons of Sniper Elite 4

When it comes to weapons the Sniper Elite series does have a plethora of guns and rifles for Karl Fairburne to use. Even though Rebellion Developments have remained tight lipped about the weapons that will feature in Sniper Elite 4, we have listed the weapons that have been featured in the pre-alpha gameplay that was showcased at E3 2016.


  • Carcano Sniper Rifle
  • Springfield 1903/05 Rifle
  • Gewehr 43 Semi Auto Rifle
  • Karabiner 98k Rifle
  • Lee Enfield MK III Rifle

Submachine Guns

  • Thompson M1A1 Submachine Gun
  • MP40 Submachine Gun
  • FNAB 43 Submachine Gun
  • Sten Submachine Gun

Header 2

  • MKb 42(stg-44) Assault Rifle

Header 2

  • Welrod
  • Colt m1911 Pistol

This list will be updated with more information as it is released.

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Sniper Elite III Plot.

Set 3 years before the events of the original Sniper Elite during the Battle of Gazala in Egypt, 1942. You step back into the shoes of OSS sniper Karl Fairburn as he is sent to assassinate General Franz Vahlen and uncover his top-secret project.

Green Man Gaming

Sniper Elite 4 Story Overview

The story of Sniper Elite 4 takes place straight after the events of Sniper Elite 3. The year is 1943 and once again you play as OSS agent Karl Fairburn. Karl’s mission this time is to head to Italy to assist the Italian resistance as they fight against the Fascists.

Green Man Gaming

Sniper Elite 4 The Italian Campaign

As we already know, Sniper Elite 4 is set in the Italy 1943 during the Second World War. Once again Karl Fairburne has been thrown into a top secret OSS mission, this time to save Italy from oppression.

Green Man Gaming

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