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What is the Zombie Army Trilogy?

Zombie Army Trilogy is a departure from the usual Sniper Elite storyline. The Sniper Elite Zombie Army Trilogy is treated as a stand alone series which is set within the same universe.

The Zombie Army Trilogy utilises the same gameplay mechanics the main Sniper Elite games. Borrowing most of it’s gameplay mechanics from Sniper Elite V2 the game also uses are more linear gameplay approach as opposed to the more open world maps of the other Sniper Elite games. Much like the other Sniper Elite games, players are also able to use grenades, trip mines and Dynamite.

Zombie Army Trilogy

The story is set in alternative World War II where Adolf Hitler has been informed that the Nazi’s are on the brink of losing the war. As a last ditch attempt Hitler executes “Plan-Z” and orders the resurrection and zombification of his fallen Nazi soldiers. The story takes place over a 3 month period and involves all sorts of supernatural events. From the resurrection of a zombie nazi horde to the the death and resurrection of Hitler himself.

Even though the Zombie Army Trilogy is not canon to the sniper elite series, it is a great set of spin off games.

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Sniper Elite III Plot.

Set 3 years before the events of the original Sniper Elite during the Battle of Gazala in Egypt, 1942. You step back into the shoes of OSS sniper Karl Fairburn as he is sent to assassinate General Franz Vahlen and uncover his top-secret project.

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Sniper Elite 4 Story Overview

The story of Sniper Elite 4 takes place straight after the events of Sniper Elite 3. The year is 1943 and once again you play as OSS agent Karl Fairburn. Karl’s mission this time is to head to Italy to assist the Italian resistance as they fight against the Fascists.

Green Man Gaming

Sniper Elite 4 The Italian Campaign

As we already know, Sniper Elite 4 is set in the Italy 1943 during the Second World War. Once again Karl Fairburne has been thrown into a top secret OSS mission, this time to save Italy from oppression.

Green Man Gaming

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