Tech Tuesday – R.A.T TE

madcatz r.a.t te

The world of gaming mice can seem a bit daunting to delve into at first, but I felt right at home with Madcatz’ fully customisable line of R.A.T line of gaming mice, despite looking like something that’s come out of Michael Bay’s Transformers. I’ve actually previously owned a R.A.T 3, but the Tournament Edition is a different beast entirely.

So far, I’ve spent about a week with the R.A.T. Tournament Edition, and have been impressed with the improvements on the TE for a whole wealth of reasons. When you have hands the size of the sun itself, it turns out it’s pretty hard to find a mouse that fits. The R.A.T TE feels light and grips well. Buttons click with the nicest of clicks, not too hard and not to soft, just right. The mouse wheel rolls without effort, I found this rather refreshing when trying to change weapons as there was no real hang to get over the bump.

I played with the R.A.T. TE on two mousemats, a Sphex and a normal cloth mat. I found it skated across the Sphex so smooth, so fast and with very little effort. The downside to this was I found my aim all over the place as I was not used to the lack of resistance. Moving back to cloth the mouse performed as expected a little bit of drag, enough to control the mouse whilst still remaining smooth and accurate with its tracking.

The TE edition provides a few extra features such as the Precision Aim mode, this increases the DPI whilst held resulting in a more precise aim, extremely helpful for snipers with long range kills. The two left side navigational buttons have been moved back a half centimeter to accommodate the new button, took a few games to get used to the new placement and if anything, felt more at home than it has ever done.

Madcatz have packaged a very customisable software suite with this mouse. The mouse is Plug‘n’Play however, should you wish to customise the actions of each button, even select profiles per game you will need to download and install. It is very easy to use and even comes with some predefined profiles to use in games like League of Legends and Team Fortress 2.

The R.A.T TE is pretty fantastic, in the time that I’ve used it. So far the performance of this mouse certainly lives up to the expectations of even the most hardcore of gamers. Really, my only negative comment would be that the right button needs a bit more resistance as I find resting my fingers on the button does trigger accidently clicks occasionally, which can get pretty annoying if you’re mid match then suddenly spouting a grenade straight onto yourself. At a very modest £49.99 pricepoint, the R.A.T TE is great bang for your buck, and will no doubt see you through endless firefights, desperate duels, and so much more.

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