Civilization VI Preview

civilization vi

Civilization VI is upon us, and as ever Firaxis are pulling out all the stops to bring in players to the franchise, new and old. Civ is structured around building your own Civilization (based around real world Civilizations throughout history) and have you play as a notable Civilization in history. In our time, we went for Japan, because why not? Other Civs that we’ve seen in play are The Aztecs, Germans, British Empire and more.

Where to start with this game? The turn-based strategy game has you initially picking out a place to settle your first city. However you don’t want to settle just anywhere, it’s useful to look around on the map and pick a place of strategic importance to you. By a river or sea, on land or near luxury resources are a safe bet for playing in the long term. Once you’ve established your civilization, the next step is to defend it and start to crawl up the game’s massive technology tree. From the wheel, to fishing and Gunpowder, gaining technology is part of the key to one of many victories in Civilization.

However, diplomacy is also a huge factor. Once you’re up and have made a few more units to explore the world around you, you’ll bump into other Civilizations with their own agendas. Each Civ has a unique personality and it’s down to you how to manage them. We didn’t fare too well against the aggressive Montezuma, who waged war upon us pretty quickly. However, using the right strategy against them and taking over other cities is a fair way to have them off your back.

These are just a few of the myriad options to choose from in Civilization VI. A new system put in place lets you micromanage your cities. The crux of keeping your citizens happy is to give them Luxury Resources, so being by a pool of luxury resources keeps them happy. But what about building other districts? Brand new in this sequel is the ability to build upon tiles within your city with districts to reap certain benefits. You’re going to have to keep all of this in check and build markets, barracks, monasteries and more to keep your population happy!

Depending on what length your game mode is set to, a game of Civilization can go on for hours. There’s even a match of Civilization 2 that has gone on for over 10 years! Rest assured, for those of who are feeling a little lost with how overwhelming Civilization is with its mechanics, the game has an inbuilt “Civilopedia” so you can read up on just what the hell to do in what scenario. Additionally, you also have advisors who will point you in the right direction, should you start to get lost under the wealth of hidden mechanics in Civilization 6.

The game is still a little way off, but we can’t wait to get started with Civilization 6. Based on our 4 hours of playtime. We could easily see ourselves pouring 100’s of hours into the game. For new players, don’t be scared to get your feet wet with Civilization 5 or Civilization Revolution, both of which can give you a great taste of what Civilization is all about before dipping into the upcoming Civilization VI. And what else can we say? It’s looking damn good.