Tech Tuesday: Turtle Beach Grip 300 Mouse & Impact 500 Keyboard

Turtle Beach Tech Review

This week we got our hands on the Turtle Beach Grip 300 Mouse and the Impact 500 Keyboard to test out. We’ve had our hands on them for a good few weeks now as our daily drivers, so are they up to snuff? Find out at the jump!

Kicking off with the Grip 300 Mouse, we immediately see that more subdued look and design carry over from the Headset to all of their products. The Mouse is slick, functional and has a braided cable coming out of it, saving us from the hell of tangled wires behind our desks. It’s long enough to reach even the biggest of desks, no matter where your PC or laptop is placed. In addition to this we also have a DPI switch on the bottom that you can switch from 500 all the way to 1750 DPI, which can keep up with the fastest gaming. In addition to this we also have a polling rate switch, which is essentially your mouse’s ping. This can also switch from 125 to 1000Hz.

When coupled with Turtle Beach’s Drift Mousepad, using the Grip 300 is a dream. The 5 button mouse will reliably see you through all tasks you can shake a stick at. The mouse glides reliably, wouldn’t look out of place on any desk and also has some slick deep red LED’s running throughout. We also used the Impact 500 Keyboard during our testing, and it was just as good as the headset and mouse that came before it.

The Impact 500 Keyboard is a damn handy thing to have placed on your desk. Sporting a headphone and mic jack and 2 USB ports on the back, you can expect a load of functionality! The Impact 500 also sports a braided cable and beautiful mechanical keys. The keys can also be customised to light to specific brightnesses, and you can also customise what keys to light up! In practice, the Impact 500 will take a little while to get used to, simply because switching out a keyboard is just a process of getting used to a new layout. However, when you’re fully adjusted, there’s nothing more you can ask for from a mechanical keyboard like the Impact 500.
Overall, the complete Turtle Beach set of products sport more subdued, slick matte designs that we really love. Something that’s emphasised throughout the entire line is the functionality of all the products. This is all robust, reliable gear that you can depend on.