Lifeless: Patch 0.7 Update Details


On September 1st, Lifeless received a rather large overhaul. Patch 0.7 is on it’s way and it’s going to include everything from new music and sound to NPCs! 

Currently, Lifeless includes: two rival factions (the mental cannibals that are the Spartan Phalanx and the noble Nova Guard), an exiting combat system -complete with brutal melee, densely packed/interesting environments, very dangerous zombies (90% of players dies within the first 10 minutes), and the need for survival (you don’t want to starve to death before the zombies get you)!

So here’s what the new patch includes:

There is now a place for you to call home in Stillwater Bay! Receive some respite from the enemy faction and the infected as you repair your weapons, trade and learn new skills.

An Economy
Money makes the world go round, and in Lifeless you can now pay your way with SCRAPS. You can acquire Scraps by selling some items to the local Merchant, or find them as you forage around Stillwater Bay. Become a post-apocalyptic entrepreneur!  

NPCs are the bread and butter of any good open-world game and Lifeless is about to get a whole new host of them! There’s a Merchant for you to sell your junk to, a Banker to store your hoard, and even a trainer to help you hone those zombie slashing skills.

Lifeless just got that much more exciting with the addition of skills! Players can now gain abilities through a tiered skill system, gaining abilities that would be impossible to obtain otherwise. For instance: will you choose the Flare skill and help your team with the tactical pinpoint of objectives, or will you get the Grenade skill and blow everything to smithereens? The choice is yours.

PVP Event
A mysterious box of supplies will occasionally drop from the sky and it is up to you and and your faction to secure the box and lug it back to the safe zone.If you manage to beat the other faction to it, while fending off the zombies, you’ll receive a nice faction wide reward!

New Loot Spawn System
Until now, the loot spawn system has been a bit unreliable so a completely new one has been developed! Once it’s completely implemented, the system will allow for much higher accuracy. Currently it is still being tweaked – but the game will be much more balanced than it has been in previous versions.

New Weapons
On top of the weapons already available, You will now be able to find an AK-47, Desert Eagle, MP5, 1911 Pistol and a Bolt action rifle. So fighting for your life just became that much more interesting!

Weapon Repair
For a mere handful of scraps, you can now repair your items at the local merchant! So you can hold onto your favourite weapon for as long as you like. Let the hoarding commence!

Upgraded Lighting:
Stillwater Bay is now more beautiful than ever! Better lighting means better visuals all round.

More Sounds
The atmosphere in Stillwater Bay just got that much more unnerving. Rigid-Soft have spared no expense in adding a whole load of new sounds and even music! Now you can really hear those zombies coming! 

New Enemy Type
There is trouble afoot! Be careful as you explore Stillwater Bay, as the Screamer is now roaming about. This is no ordinary zombie. In fact, it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before!

Updated User Interface
The new, less intrusive User Interface gives Lifeless a much cleaner look.

We can’t wait to get stuck into the new update!

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