Top 5 Simulator Games

top 5 simulator games

The Simulator genre has blown up in recent years. How else would you be able to experience the wonders of becoming a surgeon, the feel of running around as a piece of bread, or even just what it’s like to be a plain old farmer? Simulators allow us to live another life (and make tea with robot arms). As VR starts to take off, more and more simulators are bound to come into the market. So let’s have a look at a few of our favourites!

In no particular order, here’s our Top 5 Simulator Games:


Euro Truck Simulator

Euro Truck Simulator is one of those games that you wouldn’t necessarily think is fun at first glance (I mean I obviously love accurate and detailed models of Trucks and Big Rigs, who doesn’t?!). But as it’s the complete opposite to most of the other driving games out there (such as Need For Speed and Forza), this game really stands out. And it’s pretty damn fun!  When else will you get the chance to truck a cargo of ice cream all the way through Europe? The aim of this game is to transport your shipment safely and at a relatively safe speed to your destination. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t smash your way through traffic and overturn your lorry 5 times into a ditch! Despite the hours I’ve spent playing this game, parking a truck backwards is still pretty much impossible! So I doubt I’ll ever qualify for that large vehicle license in real life.


Surgeon Simulator

Over the top, silly, and extremely dark, Surgeon Simulator is one of the biggest simulator hits in recent years and it paved the way for many more games afterwards! Playing as the unpredictably flappy armed Nigel Burke you must complete a selection of surgeries and try to save some lives. The difficulty and unpredictability of the movements provide so much humour to the gameplay of this game. It’s always hilarious when you drop a patient’s own heart onto their face when performing a life threatening operation! Surgeon Simulator is not just fun, it’s also unbelievably challenging! You really have to work hard to save lives.



This game is all about making tea! With a bionic hand! Yes, it’s just as fun as it sounds! Inspired by Surgeon Simulator, this anger-inducing yet hilarious game puts you into the shoes…well, the bionic arms, of a recent amputee. Will you be able to select the lovely, little, delicate china cup and proceed to brew the perfect earl grey with two sugars? Or will you just smash all the mugs against the wall and trash the kitchen in an argy-bionic arm fueled rage? AMPU-TEA is one of the more quirky games out there and once again, the difficulty is half of the fun!


Goat Simulator.

Live life in the fast lane, as a goat! Rack up points as you jump, run, smash, crash, lick and swim your way through town! There’s just so much you can do in your goat shaped form. “Michael Bay” a stranger’s house to smithereens or try to build up a massive combo on a trampoline as you jump closer and closer to space! This game also allows you to customise your goat to an extent, giving you the option to breathe fire and even sound like a dinosaur! Goat Simulator is definitely one of the faster paced simulators out there and the ability to completely free roam and jump on whatever item or person makes it endlessly fun! 


The Sims

Arguably one of the most addictive simulator games out there, The Sims exploded into our lives in the year 2000! As most people now know, The Sims is a game that allows you to take control of a single person (or an entire family) and that’s pretty much it! Give them a job, get married, make them into a rockstar, have 12 children and get them all shipped off to military school, the choices are endless!  This game holds many fond memories for me personally. I still remember the first time I trapped my Sims family (the Picards) in a small room with a fireplace and wooden furniture and allowed them to burn to death. There’s also the time that the social worker came to collect little baby Duncan. I was forced to remove all the doors and windows in my house to try and prevent her from escaping! This game was definitely the epitome of realism! Now with the evolution of the series, you can follow your characters as they age, add seasons to your world via DLC and even watch over Vampires and Werewolves as they have babies and venture through life. It’s still very relevant today and it’s still so much fun to play.


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