What we know about Shadow Warrior 2

Shadow Warrior 2

Shadow Warrior 2 is almost upon us, and we can’t be more excited for this sequel of a reboot of a classic franchise! Don’t get us wrong, we love the original Shadow Warrior, Sounds mad, but Shadow Warrior (2013) was absolutely amazing, and is finally getting another sequel. This awesome, blood-squelchingly gory first person shooter has you taking control of Lo Wang once more.

Demons from another dimension have broken through to Earth, and only you can stop them! What we really love about Shadow Warrior are the gruesome monster designs, so expect to see some really horrifying monsters that you’ll eventually have to mow down. Set 5 years after the 2013 reboot, little is known about the plot of Shadow Warrior 2, which means that we’ve got a brand-new story as well as a new adventure with procedurally generated levels peppered throughout the entire game as well as hard-as-nails Boss Battles!

This isn’t like any Ninja Game that’s come before it, you really have to experience this ultra violent game for yourself. If you’re looking for an action game that has weapons like a ‘Demonic Grenade Launcher’, ‘Cyber Heavy Machine Gun’ and the old classic ‘Sawn-Off Shotgun’ look no further. Sporting a wide variety of art styles taking you through a range of worlds, Shadow Warrior 2 is looking like a must-have for fans of similar titles.

Who didn’t love Rise of the Triad or Quake? Shadow Warrior 2 is aiming to evoke the same feeling as playing these games to achieve a feeling of playing something that’s both fresh and new, despite playing on tropes that we’ve seen so much of in the genre. Its unique personality gives Shadow Warrior 2 a lot of charm and heart, it’s clear that the developers are looking for a title that’s close to their heart, and what we’ve seen so far from Shadow Warrior 2 hits all of those marks that not many developers get right. Despite being a smaller release, Shadow Warrior 2 is looking like it might become a dark horse in this year’s GOTY races.