What we know about Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty Infinite warfare is right around the corner and this time we are heading into orbit. We here at Green Man Gaming can’t wait to hop into a ‘Jackal’ and explore the solar system. So here is just some of the things we are most excited about for the next instalment of Call of Duty

Single Player Campaign Story

As you can imagine Infinite Warfare is set in the far future where Space Exploration is an everyday mode of transport for the average commuter. Earth has been stripped of most if not all of its natural recourses and it’s now up to the human race to mine resources from other planets. The solar system as a whole forms a coalition (The United Nations Space Alliance)  and agrees to mine resources from distant asteroids in order to keep the other planets intact.

This new coalition however isn’t everyones cup of tea and the Settlement Defence Force (SDF) decide to stick their nose in. Their problem is that they think the United Nations Space Alliance is upsetting the ‘balance’ and all out war begins. It’s also important to note that the SDF is lead by Salen Koch who is played by non other than Kit ‘Jon Snow’ Harrington. Let’s just hope he knows something this time around, as the phrase ‘You Know Nothing Salen Koch’ really doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Space Travel

With a new Call of Duty comes new gameplay mechanics. One of the biggest new additions is being able to fly a space ship and take part in dog fight on an intergalactic scale. What’s really cool is your space craft (which has been dubbed the Jackal) can transform between atmospheric flight mode and zero gravity flight mode, meaning you can battle in both space and planet atmosphere. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of space crafts. What is also pretty cool is that players are able to customise and upgrade the Jackal which brings a pretty cool depth of gameplay to the COD universe.


One of the biggest features that has made any Call of Duty a massive seller is the Multiplayer. So far 5 maps have been announced for Infinite Warfare with more to be released when the game comes out. The maps that have been confirmed so far are Terminal, Frost,  Frontier, Breakout and Throwback. these maps will span the entire solar system which will give players some great variety!

Combat rig suits have been introduced to Infinite Warfare and provide specialist weapon loadouts for specific play styles. Examples of these include a rig tailored to tactical support and a rig decked out with the perfect tools for close quarter combat. Each rig comes equipped with both a ‘Trait’ and a ‘Payload’. Traits are passive abilities that can give a handy boost to your rig and Payouts are in match weapons you earn which can give you the upper hand in battle.

Weapon Crafting

When you level up in Infinite Warfare you will unlock new bas weapons for your arsenal. If however you want to make those weapons more powerful or just generally more shiny you will have to get stuck into the new weapon crafting system. The main aim of the crafting system is to create and mod weapons to your specific play style which means that you could create the perfect weapon that goes hand in hand with a combat rig which in tern may render you unstoppable, however you will not be invincible so don’t get to cocky.

Zombies Zombies ZOMBIES!

Infinity Ward has finally decided to pop their COD Zombies cherry. The zombie mode this time around is quite a stark contrast to the games main campaign and throws you into a groovy 80’s theme. Dubbed “Zombies in Spaceland” this mode is set in a retro theme park where the rides are rideable! You can also finally get some revenge on the current ‘Killer Clown’ craze as clown zombies will feature heavily in this mode too.

This is just some of the features we are looking forward to in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. We hope that this has got you as hyped as we are!