Report: Star Wars Battlefront Sequel Out Next Year

Star Wars Battlefront

If like us you fell in love with last year’s Star Wars: Battlefront then we have some great news for you. Rumour has it that in a call to an Investor, Electronic Arts confirmed that the sequel to the first person shooter set long ago in a galaxy far far away, will be coming in fall 2017.

EA’s chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen, confirmed that the sequel will be coming “A year from now” which means we could see this title coincide with the release of Red Dead Redemption. Blake was also quoted saying æ”We’re working very hard on making sure that is an extremely deep and engaging offering,” does this mean we may see a single player/co-op campaign of some kind this time around?

EA have previously stated that the Battlefront sequel would be coming out between April and December 2017. So this further refines the release window, meaning we can probably mark it on our calendars now.

This is not the only Star Wars game that currently being developed as Respawn Entertainment and Visceral Games are both working on 3rd person action games for the franchise. As EA holds exclusive rights to the Star Wars video games, which means we could potentially see a new star wars game a year for the next three to four years.

Are you excited for the next Battlefront? What would you like to see from a sequel? Feel free to post your answers in the comment section.