What We Know About Watch Dogs 2

Watch dogs 2

Watch dogs 2 is just under a week away and we can’t wait to jump into San Francisco’s hacking playground. Here’s is what we know about the game so far.

More of a light hearted hacking fest

The first Watch dogs game was a very sullen and grimy experience. The protagonist, Aiden Pearce was pretty gloomy and just generally angry about anything (he probably also loved My Chemical Romance). This time around Watch dogs 2 has made things a bit more fun and tongue in cheek. It has swapped gloomy Chicago for sunny San Francisco, it has also swapped angry Aiden for the much more happy go lucky Marcus Holloway.

New Protagonist

You play as Marcus Holloway, a member of the hacker group DedSec (who return from the first Watch dogs game). Unlike the last protagonist, Aiden Pearce, Marcus has more of a direct reason to use his hacking skills. He has been framed by ctOS (the same Central Operating system that controlled Chicago in the first Watch dogs game) and goes to San Francisco to get his revenge and clear his name. He’s also in R&B and Hip Hop and goes by the nickname “Retr0”.

New City

Chicago was great and all, but if any hacker wants free roam of any city in the US it has to be San Francisco! This is the place where new technology is born and is the home to the infamous silicon valley. Compared to the last game the city is more vibrant, populated and full of personality and there is generally a lot more to do/hack.

New toys and New Skills

Off of the bat Watch dogs 2 has improved its driving and combat mechanics, the most interesting thing to note though is that Marcus’ hacking skills have been beefed up to the point where you can play the entire game with just hacking alone. As you can imagine he comes with some new hacking capabilities, such as the ability to hack into an NPCs personal history in order to make them a priority target for the police. You can also hack cars and select a target for them to collide with (instead of controlling them like the last game) and circuit breakers can now be used as explosive. It’s nice to see that the devs have expanded on the hacking skills giving us players more variety.

Toys wise there is a remote control drone like helicopter that can be used to pick up items (hopefully un noticed) and there is also am RC card which has been given a bunch of gadgets that enable you to hack things inside enemy territory.


The fans asked for it and Ubisoft are delivering, Watch Dogs 2 will be having a co-op multiplayer mode. You can now tackle the whole campaign with a friend online, what is also pretty cool is that your friend can drop in and drop out of the campaign seamlessly. If you’re a big meany and you feel like sabotaging your friends more than helping them you can join the police force and help them track down your friends. nice.

This is just some of the new things coming to Watch Dogs 2. The game is coming out on the 29th of November for PC.