Report: New Metro Video Game Coming Next Year

Metro 2035

UPDATE 10/11/2016: Next Metro Game Won’t be coming out in 2017.

IGN managed to get in contact with Deep Silver about the next Metro game surfacing next year. See their statement below.

“As the exclusive rights holder to video games set in the Metro 2033 universe, Deep Silver has ambitious plans for the hugely successful Metro series. But just to manage our fans’ expectations – releasing the next Metro game in 2017 is not one of them.

“When we have more news to share, we will. Thank you for your patience.”

So the bad news is we won’t be seeing the game next year, the good news they are not giving up on the franchise (which we weren’t expecting anyway) so silver linings and all that.

Original Story Below

According to the official website, we should be seeing a game set where the books leave off!

The Metro series was originally a trilogy of books written by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, they were originally published in Russian in 2005. The Metro 2033 book didn’t make it to the west until 2010 which was the same year the first Metro video game was released.

Dmitry then continued the series with Metro 2034 and 2035. These were both published inRussia in 2009, with the Metro: Last Light video game (which was released in 2014) bridging the gap between them. The English version of 2034 came out in 2014 with 2035 coming out this December.

So now you have had a crash course in the Metro franchise, what about the supposed new game? Well according to the Metro2035 website, the next Metro video game is coming in 2017. Check out the screen grab from the website below.


The website also states that “Where the books end their story, the game will pick it up. An era of great discoveries lies ahead … “ which sounds pretty ominous. It also sounds like that the books may even be handing over the reigns fully to the video games. It will be very interesting to see what lies ahead, back in 2014 4a games (who also developed the last Metro games published by Deep Silver) did confirm they were working on “unannounced titles within the Metro universe.” so it does sound like that the next Metro game should be right around the corner.

Keep your eyes on our Blog for any more news about the upcoming new Metro game as we hear it.