Dishonored 2 PC Update Now Live

Dishonored 2

The first post-launch update for the PC version of Dishonored 2 has been released.

With frame rate and mouse issues creating problems for disgruntled Dishonored fans since the games release, the performance patch is now available on Steam.

The release of the performance update coincides with the release of the new Nvidia drivers, version 375.95. Owners of AMD cards have been advised to stick to the current driver. Arkane have been working on addressing the issues that certain PC gamers are experiencing, saying that those with machines that have certain configurations may be affected and will benefit from the new update.

The patch fixes the following:

  • Mouse improvements, including the sensitivity and framerate
  • Fixes an AMD cloth physics issue, which impacts framerates in parts of the game
  • Fixing the CPU task priority, so the game no longer switches to this

To access this update, you’ll need to opt into the Beta on steam in your library. Simply select Properties > Betas > BetaPatch > Okay and your game will begin to update!

With this new update, expect performance and gameplay on the PC to be vastly improved.