The Development Of The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian has had quite a bumpy road in terms of development. Ever since it’s announcement in 2009, the game has gone through countless amount of delays and and development troubles.

The Last Guardian was officially announced at E3 in 2009. Initially the game was going to be a PS3 exclusive. In the months after it’s official reveal, more information and screen shots were released to the public. After its appearance at TGS 2010 it received it’s first release window of holiday 2011.

Six months before the  first release window, The game had been put on permanent delay. Fumito Ueda, one of the key driving forces of the Team ICO quit the studio in November 2011. This shook up the games development substantially, fans were even questioning whether the game would release at all. However, Ueda stayed with Team ICO as a freelancer and his contract stated that he had to finish The Last Guardian. Several of his colleagues who were highly ranked within Team ICO sadly followed Ueda’s lead and left the company as well. It was revealed in December 2011 that the mass walkout from Team ICO was not hampering the creation of the game, and The Last Guardian team were still working hard to get the game finished.

In 2012 Sony confirmed they had enlisted the help of some of their first party developers, such as Sony Santa Monica, to help with the completion of the game. This unfortunately drove a lot of doubt within the community in regards to what was happening with the games development. E3 2012 came and went with no word about the title, both Ueda and Sony declined to give any comment about the games development. It was also revealed in September 2012 that Sony’s ownership of The Last Guardian trademark had expired, it was then announced a month later that Sony had in fact renewed it.

In 2013 the PlayStation 4 was revealed. Plans to move The Last Guardian to the new platform had begun and reports suggested that Ueda was against the idea. Sony brought in additional help for the game to be moved onto the PlayStation 4. No news about The Last Guardian barely surfaced during 2013 and 2014, which got fans thinking whether the game would ever come out at all.

The Last Guardian made an appearance at E3 2015, and with it the public announcement that the game will be coming exclusively to PS4 in 2016. The gameplay footage that was showed at E3 2015 was not new however, just enhanced for the PlayStation 4 platform.

In 2016 it was announced that the game would be coming out in October. It was then pushed back to September and then delayed a third time until December 2016. A lot of skepticism surface and rumours started that the game would be getting pushed back to 2017. It was then announced that the official release day for The Last Guardian would be December 9th 2016.

If you are intrigued about how The Last Guardian plays then you can check out the first 9 minuets of the game below.