New Battlefield 1 Update

Battlefield 1 Update

Battlefield 1 is getting a brand new title update tomorrow which will introduce a new map and a grenade crossbow. The update will also feature some game adjustments and balances.

The new map that features in the update is called Giant’s Shadow. Even though the map arrives alongside the update it will only be available to premium pass DLC subscribers, or gamers who pre-ordered Battlefield 1 when the update launches tomorrow. The map will then be available to all players on December 20.

The Giant’s shadow map is based on the Battle of the Selle. The layout of the map includes a crashed airship as one of its key focal points. The map is set along the Cateau Wassigny railway and will also include some open ground and river banks.

The grenade crossbow is a new weapon for players who pick the support class. It will come to no surprise that the weapon fires grenades further than you can throw them.

As mentioned above the update will come with some new adjustments and features. Spectator mode is coming to Battlefield 1 and offers players the opportunity to watch battles from a first or third person perspective. The spectator mode also features a birds eye view camera of the battlefield as well as a free cam mode.

A new game option is also included in the update, called ‘Standard Issue Rifles’. This game mode gives all classes their standard rifles and nothing else. This means you will have to play the game with just the bog standard weaponry and no upgrades. DICE has confirmed this mode to give players a more authentic World War I feel.

The update comes out tomorrow (13 December 2016) for all platforms. DICE are planning on giving a full list of patch notes on the Battlefield forums once the update has released.