Conan Exiles Early Access Now Available

Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles is now available on Steam Early Access and developer Funcom have released a brand new trailer to celebrate the launch.

Conan Exiles has been compared to other online survival games such as Rust and DayZ, with its impressive combination of open-world, crafting, base-building strategy and survival. The guys at Funcom haven’t been shy about revealing footage for Conan Exiles after they recently live streamed 50 minutes of gameplay to give fans a glimpse into the vast world of Hyboria.

You play as an exile, who has been cast out into the wastelands, where you must survive, build and dominate and once again wage into battle with the enemies who exiled you to the sandy wastes. You can harvest resources, grow crops and hunt for food to build your strength and with patience and perseverance, you will succeed! Out now for Steam Early Access.