The First Hour Of Prey Gameplay

prey gameplay

Green Man Gaming visited the Bethesda offices last week, to get a first look at the new sci-fi exploration game, Prey. The first hour of Prey gameplay delves into the rich storyline and incredible mechanics that form this first person shooter.

The first hour of Prey does contain the opening story intro to the game and should be considered a spoiler if you want to delve in with fresh eyes when the game is released on 5th May. Spoilers ahead…

You wake up as Morgan Yu aboard the space station Talos 1, which is controlled by the Transtar Corporation. As you slip on your Transtar uniform and take part in numerous experiments conducted by Transtar employees, your daily routine will appear at first, completely normal. Until, one day you wake up and not all is at it seems…

This video includes a look into the weapons you will have access to, the alien race called the Typhon and the overall secrets that lay on Talos 1.

Prey is available May 5th 2017 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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