Persona 5 Gets New Trailer

Persona 5

A new trailer has emerged for the JRPG, Persona 5, showing off a familiar character in the series.

This teaser trailer shows the mysterious Igor, the proprietor of the Velvet Room, a location where players can manage and fuse their Personas.

The new characters Caroline and Justine are also showcased in the trailer as the new Velvet Room assistants. This trailer has been created to show players the mechanics of the game and how you can combine Personas, along with the games wonderful design and unique visual flair.

The last trailer for Persona 5 focused on the Palaces, a place of interest in Persona 5 and their version of the dungeons, along with the gameplay and walkthrough of what the game is and how Personas work.

Persona 5 launches on April 4th for PS3 and PS4.