System Shock 3 Coming To Console

System Shock 3

System Shock 3 is now being published by Starbreeze, who will be investing $12m into the next instalment of the System Shock franchise.

Starbreeze have previously published games such as The Darkness, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and PayDay. The publisher noted that their funding will be to “bring the game to PC and other platforms.” 

Unfortunately no specific consoles or platforms were announced. However we can probably speculate that Starbreeze are thinking about bringing System Shock 3 to Xbox One and PS4 at least.

System Shock 3 is being developed by Otherside Entertainment. The project is being led by Warren Spector, who originally produced the first System Shock back in 1994. Little is known about System Shock 3 but Spector has previously stated that the game will be taking place in the same year as System Shock 2 and will go deeper into the motives of the notorious AI, SHODAN.

Night Dive studios are currently in the process of remaking the original System Shock which was recently moved to the Unreal 4 Engine 

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