Dragons Quest Heroes 2 – Review Round Up

Dragon Quest Heroes 2

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is out today and the reviews for the game have been mainly positive. Here is what a few of he main press sites have been saying about the game.

IGN – 7.5

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 feels like a step forward in some ways, but a step back in others. The new additions to combat are nice, but the attempts to bring more RPG elements to the story missions don’t always work out for the best – at worst, they wind up transforming an enjoyable action game into a boring slog. At least it shows that Omega Force is willing to try new things with their long-established formula. Let’s hope that their experiments go a little better next time.” [Read full review]

Gamespot – 8

“Dragon Quest Heroes II is a JRPG on fast forward. The gradual addition of new party members, the rollout of plot twists, and other typical genre roadmarkers come at you at a fast clip. If it normally takes 100 hours to amass a kill count of 10,000 enemies, this game lets you reach such milestones in less than 10. And, as one of the many spinoffs of the 20-year-old Dynasty Warriors series, it retains the best elements of the franchise’s trademark combat, where you decimate armies with rudimentary, albeit flashy, combos. Dragon Quest Heroes II distinguishes itself from its equally great predecessor with its free roam-friendly fields of battle, which feel like an homage to the open expanses of mainline Dragon Quest games.” [Read full review]

Destructiod – 7.5

“Spelunking about in an open world with your party fits Dragon Quest Heroes so well. Even in the first hour players will acquire a formal crew, made up of different archetypes like bruisers and bards. It adds some context to the overarching narrative as well, as the adventure conceit and the idea of traveling with a band of misfits is partially what makes the flippant Dragon Quest formula so appealing.” [Read full review]

Playstation Lifestyle – 7.5

“Dragon Quest Heroes II attempts to build upon the original in some smart ways, but the execution ends up being rather messy. The connected world doesn’t provide the player with a living, breathing world to explore, but rather it’s reminiscent of a diorama. One that attempts to fool the player into not seeing how shallow and lifeless things are outside of its walls. It’s a fun, but flawed, follow-up. One that ultimately feels like a tease, as it adds a few much-needed improvements, but not enough to push it over the edge.” [Read full review]