Sony and Microsoft Hack Mastermind Adam Mudd Jailed for Two Years


Adam Mudd, a teenager from the UK, has been sentenced to jail for two years for creating software responsible for hacks on Sony and Microsoft networks between 2013 and 2015.

Adam Mudd pled guilty to the charges, and faces two years in prison after the trial ended on the 25th of April in the Old Bailey in London. As reported by The Guardian, the Titanium Stresser program has been responsible for 1,700,000 attacks across websites such as Minecraft, Teamspeak, and Xbox Live.

Prosecutor Jonathan Polnay has said that Mudd’s program has 112,000 registered users, who have hacked 666,000 IP addresses, 53,000 in the UK. Mudd earned £386,000 through selling Titanium Stresser to cybercriminals online.

A particular target amongst, with 25,000 attacks, was the MMO RuneScape whose owners spent £6,000,000 protecting themselves from DDoS attacks, incurring a revenue loss of £184,000.

Adam Mudd even breached the network defences for his school, West Herts College, causing network crashes and an investigation which incurred a cost of £2000 to investigate.

Speaking on behalf of the defence, Ben Cooper appealed to for his client to be given a suspended sentence, stating “This was an unhappy period for Mr Mudd, during which he suffered greatly. This is someone seeking friendship and status within the gaming community.” Ben Cooper clarified that Mudd’s motivations were not financial, but rather he sought status online. The prosecution concurred with this motivation.

Judge Michael Topolski QC said that Mudd’s actions had caused chaos “from Greenland to New Zealand, from Russia to Chile” and that the sentence must have a “real element of deterrent” and refused to suspend the jail term.

Judge Michael Topolski QC went on to say “I have a duty to the public who are worried about this, threatened by this, damaged by this all the time, it’s terrifying.”