Persona 5 Streaming Update

Persona 5

In a statement released on the 26th of April, Atlus have relaxed guidelines set in place regarding streaming Persona 5.

Streamers are now restricted in streaming past the in-game date of 11/19, an increase on the previous restriction of the in-game date of 7/7.

Atlus went on to clarify the intent behind the streaming guidelines, and thank fans for their support:

‘”We also want to apologize to those of you who saw the previous guidelines blog post as threatening. We want to be transparent about what we do, and the reason we released the guidelines was to give streamers the right information up front. It was never our intention to threaten people with copyright strikes, but we clearly chose the wrong tone for how to communicate this.

Lastly, we want to thank our fans around the world for supporting Persona 5 and ATLUS. The game is a global success because of your passion for the series, and we’re happy that so many of you are enjoying it.”