Zelda: Breath Of The NES Fan Project Shut Down

Zelda Breath Of The NES

The Zelda Fan project, Zelda: Breath Of The NES which was based on Breath of the Wild’s 2D Prototype has been been shut down by Nintendo. The developer of the game doesn’t plan to abandon their work however.

The fan behind the project, WinterDrake, has tweeted a DMCA takedown notice from Nintendo of America. The notices states that the game makes use of various Nintendo copyrights and as a result needs to be taken down. The demo has been taken down from itch.io. This is not the first time this has happened, as Nintendo have issued takedown notices for various games in the past including the popular fan made Pokemon game, Pokemon Uranium.

WinterDrake has confirmed that the game will move forward even though it has suffered this setback. What has been described as a “spin-off project” by the developer, WinterDrake has promised that this project will be bigger and better than the original version, and will feature higher-resolution art work. WinterDrake have also stated that “all of the gameplay and design” from Breath of the NES will make it into the new game.

There hasn’t been any specific information shared about the new game yet. But you can check out the latest trailer for Zelda”  Breath of the NES below.


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