Footage And Details Of Cancelled Sonic Skateboard Game

Sonic Extreme

A video from Unseen64 on the DidYouKnowGaming YouTube channel shows off new footage from the cancelled Sonic the Hedgehog skateboard game, Sonic Extreme. The footage can be seen below.

Sonic Extreme was in development by Vision Scape, who made the original Xbox Game SeaBlade and Tech Deck skateboarding game, Bare Knuckle Grind.

Sonic Extreme would have been a hoverboard game which would have featured both Sonic The Hedgehog and Shadow The Hedgehog as playable characters. The skatepark that would have featured in the game would have been based off of the Green Hill Zone, the famous level which features in most Sonic The Hedgehog Games.

The game would have also featured a single player and a two player combat mode where players would have been able to use weapons such as rockets and grenades. There was also a race mode in development as well.

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