War Child Launches Fundraising Hub GameOn


War Child is the charity organisation that helps children affected by conflict have announced they want to step up their involvement in the video games industry.

The charity have now launched an online hub called GameOn, to encourage publishers and developers to share and discuss fundraising ideas.

War Child has raised over £2 million working with publishers and developers in the games industry, a most recent example includes Armistice, where studios created content for existing games with non-violent gameplay.

Wayne Emanuel, the game development manager at War Child has said, “GameOn is an exciting next step for War Child. Our journey so far has seen collaborations with major players in the industry, and with the new gaming hub we hope to encourage more developers, studios, publisher and gamers to join us on our mission striving for a world where no child’s life is torn apart by war.”

Tim Schafer, Randy Pitchford, Rhianna Pratchett, Debbie Bestwick and Charles Cecil have already offered their support on GameOn. The online hub has suggested different ways the gaming industry can get involved, by developing full games, DLC or gaming events.

You can learn more about GameOn at the War Child website, the charity actively helping children in countries affected by violent conflict.