Next Dynasty Warriors Confirmed As Open-World

dynasty warriors

Developer Omega Force has announced that the next Dynasty Warriors will be moving to an open-world structure.

Publisher Koei Tecmo has described the open-world environments of the action game saying, “Setting out to complete various objectives, players will utilize an unprecedented world map to navigate and traverse a variety of different landscapes ranging from vast plains to snow-covered peaks presented with dynamic day/night and weather cycles. Exploring these impressive environments is made more engaging through the ability to adapt to surroundings to gain an upper hand in battle, with players able to use equipment to circumvent obstacles or blend in to avoid conflict.”

Dynasty Warriors 9 will feature over 83 playable characters, but Koei Tecmo have said about the upcoming game, “Platforms, release timing, and more information on the game’s new features, characters, and narrative will be unveiled in the coming months,”