MMORPG Ashes of Creation Raises $2 Million On Kickstarter

ashes of creation

Ashes of Creation debuted on Kickstarter earlier in the month, with an initial goal of $750k, that it reached in less that 12 hours.

The MMORPG has now raised $2 million, despite only being halfway through the project crowdfunding campaign.

The game is being developed by Intrepid Studios, a new independent studio made up of developers who have worked on such games as EverQuest II and XCOM: Enemy Within. Ashes of Creation has been described as an open world, non-faction MMORPG set in a high-fantasy world.

Ashes of Creation will have world-building aspects, which means players will have a direct impact on the world around them and how it evolves and grows, this is down to the unique Node System. Different areas of the world have their own nodes, which responds to actions and player influence. Player levelling is a huge part of the advances in surroundings and civilisation, affecting the story. Intrepid Studios outlined the world-building aspect in the video below.

Ashes of Creation is due out by December 2018 and is being developed for PC.