OpenIV Becomes Available Again And Gets An Update


The modding toolkit, OpenIV, which has been at the centre of the ongoing dispute between modders and Take-Two interactive over the past two weeks is now being distributed once again.

OpenIV has received a small update as well which implements bug fixes and adds some small improvements, the details of which can be found on the OpenIV website.

Rockstar Games, who develop Grand Theft Auto, on Friday released a statement that stated that it “believes in reasonable fan creativity,” they also supports creators who “showcase their passion for our games.” The developer also stated that they went to its corporate parent and have secured an agreement that Take-Two interactive would not take legal action against Rocktsar-made PC games. This is provided that they follow certain rules.

This came after a week of protest from PC gamers. This included bombarding GTA 5’s steam page with negative reviews.