Bayonetta Could Be Coming To Nintendo Switch


PlatinumGames may have just hinted on Twitter that Bayonetta could be coming to Nintendo Switch.

Reported by NintendoLife, PlatinumGames tweeted the following image today:

A fan spotted that the red and blue colour scheme used in the above tweet is similar to the iconic neon red and blue Joy-Con controllers that are available for the Nintendo Switch.

The tweet above was then liked by PlatinumGames. This was enough to trigger fans of the series into thinking that the Bayonetta could be coming to Switch.

Bayonetta originally came out for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Bayonetta 2 then became a Wii U exclusive when Nintendo offered additional funding for it’s development.

PlatinumGames had previously stated it is keen to develop a third Bayonetta title. PlatinumGames have also recently released a PC port of the first game which further proves they are still interested in the series.