New Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.30 Details

horizon zero dawn

A brand new update for Horizon Zero Dawn will arrive today. The update will include bug fixes and improvements as well as a New Game+ mode.

The New Game+ mode will allow players to start a brand new game with all of the upgrades and items they acquired from their previous play through.

There is also the addition of Ultra Hard Mode. Guerrilla games explained in a PlayStation blog post that this mode “will enhance machine senses and behaviors and will limit player health regen and other additional smaller tweaks,”. You can select this mode at the start of a new game, but players will not be able to change the difficulty once Ultra Hard Mode has been selected.

You can view the full patch notes below.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Update 1.30 Patch Notes

Patch Summary

  • New Game+ added for players who want to play through the game with their existing gear.
  • Ultra Hard mode is added for the players that are up for another challenge!
  • Added two new trophies to the game: One for completing New Game+ and one for completing New Game+ in Ultra Hard mode.
  • Added support for all EU and US text languages on EU and US games.

General Fixes

  • Fixed an issue for some players in The Looming Shadow where two guards would disappear after Blameless Marad speaks to them.
  • Fixed an issue for certain players with the Lodge Ropecaster where the ropecaster’s anchors that are automatically shot in the ground would not stick to the terrain while shooting from a crouched position.
  • Fixed an issue for some players where bandit camps would incorrectly display as ‘Undiscovered’ within the world map if the player had cleared all bandit camps.
  • Fixed an issue with Cauldron Zeta where for some players the quest log would disappear after completing the quest.
  • Fixed an issue that some players encountered with the animations of Aloy. When the player would perform a melee attack and use the Focus almost simultaneously, it would cause Aloy’s upper body to twist unnatural for a moment.
  • Fixed an issue with the humanoid scream and attack indicators.
  • Fixed an issue in Deep Secrets of the Earth where for some players the data points in Sobeck’s office were not obtainable if the player wanted to pick them after the explosion caused by Helis, as they had disappeared.
  • Fixed an issue with the Tearblaster statistics being incorrectly displayed in the weapon wheel.

Progression Issues Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Field of the Fallen where for some players Erend would not appear and thus blocked progression of this quest.
  • Fixed an issue in The City of the Sun where some players might teleport through the protester scene, blocking progression as Erend would not open the door to Olin’s apartment.

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed miscellaneous crashes.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Minor text fixes.