Hearthstone Knights Of The Frozen Throne Expansion Announced

Hearthstone expansion

Hearthstone’s next expansion, Knights Of The Frozen Throne, has been announced and centres around the Lich King and Northrend.

There will be 135 new cards added to the expansion. Some of the cards will contain a new keyword, Lifesteal. Lifesteal will heal players based on the damage it inflicts.

Legendary hero cards will also be added. These cards replace your current character with a modified Death Knight version. This new version of your character will come complete with a new look and ability.

The expansion will also include a single player component. Knights Of The Frozen Throne will come with a set of free missions which include a prologue, two wings of three boss fights each and a final battle against the Lich King.Once the prologue is completed players will receive a random Legendary Hero card. Once each wing is completed players will also receive a new card from the expansion. On completing the whole single-player component players will receive a card pack.

Knights Of The Frozen Throne will release sometime in August.

Source: GameSpot