UPDATED: What People Are Saying About Aporia: Beyond The Valley

Aporia: Beyond The Valley

Aporia: Beyond The Valley, is the next title from Investigate North and Green Man Gaming Publishing and is due for release next week on PC.

Members of the games press have previewed the game and this is what they have to say about the the upcoming title.

Machinima SBOC
“…and truly the graphics, music, and atmosphere of the game really do speak for themselves”.

Bleeding Cool
“The world that you are exploring is vast and beautiful, I honestly took moments in the game to just stare out and enjoy what the developers had created”. [Read full preview]

PC Gamer
“Aporia: Beyond the Valley …. could well cement itself among the top puzzle adventure games of the longstanding genre”. [Read full preview]

“How one Hollywood producer is helping an indie studio create its first game” [Read article here]

The Sixth Axis
“The game’s studio Investigate North is also chaired by the producer of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Wallander, so the artistic direction feels very strong”. [Read full preview]

Game Reactor
“The overall ambition and premise of the game have definitely caught our attention, as it’s a gorgeous world with an interesting narrative approach….” [Read full preview]

BBC Newsbeat
“‘Nordic noir’ is coming to gaming” [Read full preview]

“…..it’s rare for something like this to catch my imagination with so little” [Read full review]

“There are no words for Aporia” [Read full interview with developers Investigate North]

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