Guild Wars 2 Second Expansion Announced With Trailer

guild wars 2

The second expansion to the popular Guild Wars 2 has been announced. The expansion is called Path of Fire and it was revealed today with a trailer, set to launch on 22nd September.

Path of Fire takes players to the Crystal Desert region from the first Guild Wars, along with another area called Elon from Guild Wars: Nightfall. There are also five new open-world zones along with nine new ‘elite specialisations’.

ArenaNet have said about the story so far, “Balthazar, the human god of war and fire, threatens the Crystal Desert and adjoining kingdom of Elona with his Forged legions. Players saw through the course of Living World Season 3 that Balthazar is determined to hunt Elder Dragons–and now he and his armies have invaded the desert to do just that. Now, Tyria’s fate hangs by a thread as players race to the desert to hunt down the rogue god before he can do any more damage to the delicate balance of magic.”