Destiny 2 PC Beta Details

Destiny 2 PC Beta

Earlier this week Bungie confirmed the release date for the Destiny 2 PC beta. Bungie have now revealed details of what the beta will involve.

In the developer weekly update, Bungie have announced that PC players will be able to experience the following when playing the beta:

  • Homecoming Story Mission
  • Inverted Spire Strike
  • Countdown on Midtown
  • Control on Javelin-4 – A new map for Destiny 2 exclusive to the PC beta

The game modes available in the PC beta are the same ones that fans played using the console beta. However, PC players will be able to get their hands on a brand new Control map Javelin-4.

Bungie went into detail about what the developer plans to achieve throughout the PC beta. They stated that they want to “test the functionality for Destiny 2 on a new platform, give PC players their first taste of Destiny 2 in action, and leave a world of surprises in store for the final version of the game.”

The beta will begin on the 28th August for players who pre-ordered Destiny 2, the beta will then open publicly on the 29th August.The beta will end for everyone on the 31st August. You can check out the minimum PC requirements here.