UPDATE: Bethesda Starts Charging For Mods On Creation Club

creation club

Update: Pete Hines at Bethesda spoke about the Creation Club and fans reactions in a conversation with Tek Syndicate during PAX West last week, as well as talking about mods in general.

When asked about the standard of mods on the Creation Club with Tek Syndicate implying it’s possible to get better quality mods on sites like Nexus for free, Hines replied,

“Right. But that’s subjective. And we’re not requiring you to buy Creation Club creations to continue playing the game that you already own,” Hines replies. “It’s no different than if there’s a videogame out there and you don’t like it because you don’t think it’s as good as something else that’s free-to-play or some mod that somebody’s doing—then don’t buy it. I don’t understand what the problem is that across all platforms that there’s an offering that somebody has to buy, because you also have the choice to not buy it.

“We’ve been supporting this for 15 years, it exists because we wanted it to. We put all of the effort into the Creation Club, we continued to put tools out to make sure that modders could do that. We could have a long time ago said: no, you can only make it available through these.

“There was all the same concern, by the way, when we said we were doing mods on Bethesda.net. And what was the big outcry? Oh, they’re trying to shut down Nexus and everything else. Did that actually happen? Are you having trouble finding mods on Nexus? Is there a shortage of those? No. People can continue to do whatever the hell they want, have fun, it’s modding, play with what you want, create what you want, go nuts.”

You can watch the full video interview below.

Original story: Bethesda has launched the Creation Club, which was announced earlier this summer. The Creation Club is a system of curated and paid-for mods for Fallout 4 with Skyrim coming next month.

Fans have expressed that they are unhappy about paying for content which they believe is freely accessible. They have said that some of the content on the Creation Club is freely available on other sites, such as the Hellfire Armor mod.

Bethesda has said about the Creation Club that “Featuring new items, abilities and gameplay created by Bethesda Games Studios and outside development partners – including the best community creators—Creation Club content is fully curated and compatible with the main game, official add-ons, and achievements. Currently available for Fallout 4, Creation Club will be coming to Skyrim Special Edition next month. All Creation Club content works on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. And of course, Mods will remain a free and open system where anyone can create and share what they’d like.”