George Orwell’s Animal Farm To Become A Video Game

Animal Farm

George Orwell’s classic novel, Animal Farm is being released as a video game. The game will be true to the novel and is getting help from Orwell’s estate.

The game is still in early development and will be split in half. The first part of the game is more of an adventure game where players will take on the role of the barn yard animals as they descend into a power struggle. Whilst the other part will have players maintain and manage the farm with tycoon-esque gameplay.

The development includes some big names from the industry, such as Imre Jele (RunScape), George Baker (Fable), Kate Saxon (The Witcher 3), Jessica Curry (Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture) and Andy Payne (Gambitious)

Imre Jele spoke to Polygon about the transition from novel to game stating “It’s particularly important for the readers and players to be able to identify with both oppressors and the oppressed,”  she continued “This personal journey through fiction can hopefully allow our audience to better understand the motives of the powerful and their own place in an increasingly divided society bearing hallmarks of totalitarian regimes.”

Jele went onto say that each member of the development team has a connection with the original novel “It’s the right time for us as creators as we are mature enough to take on the responsibility, it’s the right time for the audience as gamers are keen to experience more sophisticated themes and subject matters, and it’s the right time for society as we’re heading into an era uncomfortably similar to the universe described by George Orwell,”

Animal Farm is still in early development with no release date confirmed yet.