UPDATE: No Profit For Shadow Of War Orc-Slayer DLC

Shadow Of War Orc Slayer

Monolith and Warner Brothers have affirmed over Twitter that the recently announced Orc-Slayer DLC for Middle-earth: Shadow of War will not earn a profit for these companies.

The Orc-Slayer DLC immortalises recently deceased Shadow of War executive producer Michael Forgey, and the announcement stated that some of the proceeds would go to the Forgey family as charitable donations.

This incurred some backlash as it appeared this would only be within 44 of the 50 US states, and purchases outside of these states would not be treated as charitable donations.

Warner Brothers and Monolith have since stated via Twitter that they will not make any profit on this DLC:

Update: Further Tweets from the Shadow of War team indicates that sales of the DLC outside the USA will not count towards donations to the Forgey family. We have reached out to Warner Brothers for comment.