Bethesda To Release An Unannounced New Title Before The End Of 2017


Bethesda is set to release a new unannounced game before the end of the year.

Bethesda boss Pete Hines teased in an interview with Tek Syndicate. He stated in the interview that “We have a ton of stuff going on; and we even have a game coming out this year that we haven’t even told anybody about yet,” he continued “They can wait. It won’t be so long.” During the interview, Hines was pressed to say if this title would be a new IP or not. He refused to give further comment.

After the interview Hines replied to a fan on twitter that they should ignore his statement. The tweet can be viewed below:

He then later responded on twitter that the above tweet was in fact a joke, saying that he stands by his original comments in the interview: