UPDATE: Cross-Platform Play May Be Activated For Fortnite


Update: The ability to play cross-platform between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has been removed, Epic Games has confirmed.

A spokesperson for Epic Games said “We had a configuration issue and it has now been corrected”.

Original Story: Players of Fortnite, Epic Games’ multiplayer survival game, have noticed that cross-platform play between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 may be activated.

In a Reddit post, Fortnite players have noticed that gamertags from PSN or Xbox Live have been appearing in Fortnite games.

The post creator, PRE_-CISION-_ noticed when playing that they were killed by a player with a username not found on PSN. However, this username was found on Xbox Live.

Further proof came from a father and son playing cross platform on Xbox One and PlayStation 4:

PS4 and XB1 playing together. Enjoy while you can. Me v the Kid. from FORTnITE

As well as other corroborating evidence on Reddit’s Fortnite subreddit.

Previous interviews and discussions around cross platform play indicated that whilst possible, it was being prohibited by Sony, as in the case of Minecraft.