Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Gets A Release Date

final fantasy 15 multiplayer

Square Enix has announced at the Tokyo Game Show that the Final Fantasy XV multiplayer expansion, Final Fantasy XV: Comrades will be coming put on the 31st October 2017.

The multiplayer expansion will allow players to create a character and take on quests with up to three friends online. Players will be granted special powers from the Lucien bloodline by equipping sigils in order to take on the quests and challenges that await them.

Comrades is set in the 10 year gap between Chapter 13 and 14 in the main Final Fantasy XV game. Your mission is to track down any information you can on Prince Noctis’ disappearance. Players will be able to take on both multiplayer and single player quests in order to improve their character.

Ignis, Gladio and Prompto will be added as playable characters in a future update.

Comrades will be available to Final Fantasy XV season pass holders and will also be available to purchase separately PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live gold memberships will be required to play the expansion.