Content Creators Hit By YouTube External Link Changes


Content creators on YouTube have had issues with external links to sites such as Patreon. Now, YouTube has confirmed that changes have been made to linking to external websites to help combat inappropriate and abusive content.

In a statement to Polygon, YouTube spoke about the YouTube Partners Program, asking content creators to join in order to have their channels and external sources validated, “Creators are being asked to join the YouTube Partner program, so that we can evaluate the validity of the channel, as well as determine whether the channel is following our community guidelines and advertiser policies,” the representative said. “This update is meant to curb abuse and does not affect current YouTube partners or existing end cards.”

However, the YouTube program requires content creators to have 10,000 public channel views to apply. Although creators will be able to include links in the video’s description underneath, disabling Patreon links has become an important form of monetisation for creators and this new rule will create difficulties for new creators who are unable to apply for the YouTube Partners Program.