The Good Life Will Also Feature Dogs

The Good Life

Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro’s studio White Owls have announced they are working on two versions of their new RPG The Good Life,  The Good Life: Cats and The Good Life: Dogs.

The dog version of The Good Life will see Naomi, the game’s protagonist, discover that the towns residence turn into dogs instead of cats at night. According to an update posted Swery explains how this will impact how the game plays.

“Naomi will also turn into either a cat or a dog, depending on which version you buy,” The update continues. “As a cat, she’ll be able to climb up to high spots and slip into cramped passages. As a dog, she’ll be able to dig holes and follow scent trails…”

“You won’t just have different abilities to use, you’ll also get to find different items, and the way you interact with the townspeople will also change.”

The two versions of the game will be compatible with each other in an online multiplayer. Players will be able to visit their friends online as either a cat or a dog. The online mode will also feature some creative interactive features.

“Become a cat and scratch posts and leave cricket corpses on your friend’s doorstep as presents,” Swery wrote. “Or, become a dog and mark their doors with your urine and scare their sheep. There will be a bunch of creative ways to play tricks on each other!”