Rainbow Six Siege gets New Characters and Maps in Operation White Noise Update


As part of its Operation White Noise update, Ubisoft has announced that Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will get new characters and new maps.

In its third year of content and support, the game will have four seasons, and eight new operators.

According to the game’s blog, Season 1 will explore a new fantasy in Operation Chimera: quarantine and biohazard featuring two operators from France and Russia.  There will also be a launch of the first major coop event called Outbreak that will take place over four weeks.  Season 2 will add two new Italian GIS Operators and a new map featuring Italy whilst Season 3 will add two operators from the Scotland Yard, UK and Delta Force, US.  The existing map will also undergo considerable changes to level design and art direction. Season 4 will feature a new map from Morocco with two new operators from the Moroccon GIGR.

More information can be found on the Rainbow Six Siege blog.