Firaxis want to keep doing expansion packs instead of micro-transactions

Civilization VI Ghandi

Firaxis, developers of successful game series’ XCOM and Civilization, have recently announced their first expansion to Civilization VI, something that has become a more rarer sight amongst the more popular micro-transaction model that we are seeing today.

Although XCOM and Civilization titles do have optional DLC, and Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick told investors that “recurrent consumer spending” would play a key role in all their games, at the release of the expansion Rise and Fall, Anton Strenger, its lead designer, said “I would say that, yeah, everyone in the studio here at Firaxis: our love, our passion and our expertise are in expansion packs.”

Strenger added, “”One of the reasons we think that works so well for us is that with system-based, procedural games like Civilization and XCOM, we have the opportunity to add not just content in the way that some other games are able to do, but really deep changes to our systems and rules.”