Destiny 2: Curse of the Osiris Trailer Shows Off New Weapons and Armor


Bungie has released a trailer of Destiny 2’s first expansion, Curse of the Osiris, which shows off new weapons and armor. The new expansion will be released on 5 December with further improvements and updates introduced on 12 December.

A full list of improvements were released on Bungie’s State of Destiny 2 blog a few days ago.

According to Polygon, the trailer shows off “new weapons like a Veist-manufactured grenade launcher that fires purple robot grenades. This power weapon is known as The Colony, and if its grenades hit the ground, they’ll home in on enemies and blow them up.”

Players will be able to start pre-loading Curse of Osiris at 8AM PST on December 5, 2017 as mentioned in Bungie’s blog post.  The storage requirements to begin pre-loading content are 88 GB on Playstation, 44 GB on Xbox One and 68 GB on PC.