Twitch Co-founder Hopeful about Crackdown on Online Abusive Behaviour

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In an interview with, Twitch co-founder and COO Kevin Lin said that he remained hopeful about the industry’s efforts to crackdown on abusive behaviour among gamers online.

Lin added that while toxicity seemed to be common in gaming circles, there were pockets of respectful and positive users that would hopefully serve as the foundation for the wider community.

He remained positive by stating that smaller channels with hundreds of concurrents on Twitch had a lot less toxic behaviour and that some broadcasters managed their community carefully and communicated what they will allow in their channel. Lin said, “As that perpetuates through more and more broadcasters as they grow, the communities will self-police – we’ve seen that many times.

“So it’s possible. There’s a glimmer of hope there. Does it spread to the rest of the internet? Doubtful.”

In the article, Lin shared that the Twitch team were constantly working hard on finding new ways to help streamers tackle any abuse on their channel. Last year the platform released AutoMod, a machine learning tool that helps remove “unsavoury stuff” from chat and can be dialled up and down depending on how broadcasters want to manage their community.