Crytek Sues Star Citizen Studio


Crytek is currently suing Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries, creators of Star Citizen, for breach of contract.

Crytek has stated in its lawsuit that both Star Citizen games, the ‘Persistent Universe’ and Squadron 42 are using CryEngine, despite an earlier assertion from that both projects would move to use Amazon’s Lumberyard engine.

Crytek asserts that both projects continue to use code from CryEngine 3, and that they in fact boot showing the CryEngine splash screen.

A spokesperson for Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries has stated to Polygon: “We are aware of the Crytek complaint having been filed in the US District Court, CIG hasn’t used the CryEngine for quite some time since we switched to Amazon’s Lumberyard. This is a meritless lawsuit that we will defend vigorously against, including recovering from Crytek any costs incurred in this matter.”

The full lawsuit can be viewed here.