The Dawning brings Christmas to Destiny 2


Christmas has come to Destiny 2, via a holiday event now live in the persistent first-person shooter called The Dawning.

Offering proof that virtual worlds can have seasonal festivities too, The Dawning brings a thoroughly Christmassy flavour to Destiny 2. For example, its social spaces now boast Christmas decorations and new Christmas-themed activities, like ice-hockey. While The Dawning lasts, players will even be able to throw virtual snowballs at their enemies in Strikes.

On a slightly more serious note, The Dawning also sees the return of Mayhem mode to the PvP Crucible. Weekly milestones specific to The Dawning will yield new rewards for players, including special Dawning engrams. The Eververse’s inventory will also include all the Dawning-specific gear, although Destiny players have recently been grumbling about Destiny 2’s emphasis on the Eververse, which is basically the game’s microtransaction system.

The Dawning’s gear includes three full armour sets. And The Dawning itself will carry on for the next three weeks. So if your real-life Christmas doesn’t live up to expectations, you will at least be able to head to Destiny 2 for some virtual festivities.