PUBG emerges from Open Access on PC


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has come out of Early Access on Steam – so it is now officially a game, rather than some form of beta programme.

As PUBG fans will acknowledge, it’s a game which has already been tweaked and improved via a regular programme of patches and updates – and its emergence from Early Access is unlikely to interrupt that programme.

In the notes accompanying the most recent patch on PUBG’s official website, developer PUBG Corp discusses its intention to add a feature to the game which will allow players to pick a map, although it also details the technical challenge that will present. Plus, it says it is working to address server stability issues.

Moving to version 1.0 of the game will also initiate a new leaderboard season; PUBG Corp has altered how the leaderboard is displayed, in response to issues that occurred during the Early Access period. Commendably, the price of the game — £27 – will remain the same post-Early Access.