Does Xenoblade Chronicles 2 update tame Tiger Tiger?


A new update to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has excited the game’s fan-base by tweaking an apparently small but nevertheless hugely significant element of the game: it adds an Easy mode to Tiger Tiger.

Tiger Tiger is an 8-bit-arcade-style mini-game within Xenoblade Chronicles 2 that resides in the house of Tora, a Nopon character in the game who becomes one of lead character Rex’s crew. Its significance lies in the fact that Tiger Tiger offers the only means of upgrading the Affinity abilities of Poppi, Tora’s artificial blade.

 In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, upgrading the Affinity abilities of all your Blades is crucial in order to prevail in the many boss-battles, so playing Tiger Tiger forms a crucial element of the grinding you must occasionally put in. However, the game-within-a-game is incredibly clunky and very hard, so an Easy mode has been welcomed by fans.

Despite that, though, some fans maintain that, even when they play it on Easy mode, Tiger Tiger is still too hard. Have you played Tiger Tiger’s new Easy mode? If so, let us know what you think of it.

The patch, which gives Xenoblade Chronicles 2 the version designation 1.1.1, adds a number of tweaks, including numerous bug-fixes, the ability to play the game with a Pro Controller in Tabletop Mode when two Joy-Cons are attached to the Switch in order to charge them and a new size option for the mini-map. You can find Nintendo’s full patch details here.